5 great ideas for festival wedding favours

Wedding favours are a great way to give your guests an extra-special, sometimes personalised, memory of your special day. And if your wedding is festival-themed, this opens the door to some really unique and fun favours to help give everyone a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) reminder of just how awesome it was! Here are our 5 unique ideas for festival wedding favours!


Wedding wristbands

The ultimate festival keepsake is the wristband. Pushing the boundaries of personal hygiene by seeing how long after Glastonbury you can wear your mud-soaked wristband is all part of the experience. Wouldn’t it be great to bring this to your festival-themed wedding?

Personalise wristbands with your names, your guest’s names or give your wedding festival its own name. Get them in paper, plastic or fabric – whatever suits your budget. Have fun designing your own eye-catching wedding wristband that your guests will want to keep on for weeks after! You can order personalised wristbands from ID&C Band.


Hangover kit

Wedding favours can be practical as well as personal. And nothing’s more practical the morning after a night of festival-inspired partying than a hangover recovery kit. You can include painkillers, mouthwash, sunglasses, water, and a whole host of hangover-busting goodies. You could even tailor it to each of your guests’ individual needs and personal proven hangover cures.

For the bag, box or tin to hold the kit – you can buy online or create your own from scratch to save a bit of cash. If you’re not crafty or don’t have the time to make your own, Zazzle has a great selection for every budget, from paper bags to fancy vintage style boxes.


Temporary tattoos

Who decided to start rocking up at festivals with mobile tattoo parlours? Some kind of evil genius? Nonetheless, countless festival-goers the world over have woken up in the tent with strapped up ankle, wrist or worse and wondered “what was I thinking?”. Give your guests this funny festival experience without the pain, parental panic and permanent body modification.

Whether you go for contemporary, understated, traditional, tribal, or whatever takes your fancy, temporary tattoos are a great way to give your guests a reminder of a great night. You can even get custom temporary tattoos made, so your guests can be branded with you and your bride/groom’s names  (try Doodle Togs).

Personalised CDs

In the age of Spotify and Apple Music, CDs almost seem retro. But as vinyl is making a comeback, CDs must be due one. And despite every song you could ever imagine being available online now, it’s still nice to get something physical, especially when it’s a compilation CD prepared especially for you.

A personalised CD with meaningful songs inspired by you and your wedding is a lovely way to give your guests a memory of the day. They could even pop it in the CD player in the car on the way home! You could even a personal message from you and your bride/groom to thank them for being part of your special day. Blank CDs can be bought from most supermarkets or electronics stores, and if you’d like to give your guests personalised sleeves, try Not on the High Street.



As your festival-inspired wedding reception will most likely be held outside, you could create a really great atmosphere by giving your guests some sparklers. Get your photographer on standby for some great shots, or encourage your guests to create their own and share them on social media.

These sparklers come with little personalised cards attached to add your name and wedding date, or you could buy separately and make your own labels or personalised bits. Just remember, with this particular wedding favour – safety first! Check with your venue beforehand, make sure you’ve got enough room and most importantly, a safe place to put them out.  

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