5 money-saving DIY wedding invitation ideas

Paying a company to design, print and send your wedding invitations can be costly, so many couples opt for the DIY approach. If you can rope in a couple of friends and family members to construct a sort of invitation production line, this can be a more fun, less expensive way of getting your invites out. So get yourself a few bottles of wine, stick a good film on and get stuck into one of our 5 DIY wedding invitation ideas!


Personalised rubber stamp

A great way to add a nice, vintage, hand-made feel to your invitations, and the cost of the stamp, the card/paper and the ink is still cheaper than paying to have the invites printed! Check out English Stamp where you can create an invite from their pre-made templates or order a collection of stamps to make your own design. Plus, the stamp itself will make a nice keepsake for your box of wedding memories.


Get practicing with calligraphy

Hand-writing your invitations might seem like a scary – and time-consuming – prospect, but it can be a great way to make them feel more personal, and you get to learn a new skillwhile you’re at it. There are tonnes of YouTube videos and whole channels dedicated to calligraphy tutorials, covering various styles and using different types of pen. Try Calligrascape for informative tutorials with links to free printable practice sheets. Not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly relaxing and mesmerising to watch someone do calligraphy.


Get the kids involved

For something a bit more quirky, cute and memorable, if you’ve got kids, why not get them to draw your wedding invitation? You can go as messy creative as you like – get potato prints and finger paints out, or just give them the crayons and see what they can draw. Once you’ve got the design, it’s cheap and easy to either scan and print yourself or nip down to your local print shop or even supermarket. Add your own words in Publisher or Photoshop or make them into cards and hand write the insides. Kid-made invitations will make a lovely keepsake for friends and family and are a novel way to get your children involved in your wedding and encourage a bit of creativity.

Video invite

If you really want to get personal with your wedding invitations, and save money while you’re doing it, why not record a video invite? Simple and easy to do, you can literally record in 5 minutes on your phone. You can do a bit of editing and add start and end screens to display key information using free video editing software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, or if you’re uploading to YouTube you can edit straight within the platform. You could distribute the video via DVD (although this could get pricey), or just send them a link to your YouTube video. This option has the advantage of being entirely free. If you’re sending a YouTube link, just make sure you select “Private” when uploading, so you don’t get randoms turning up at your wedding!


Email invite

Sticking with the electronic invite theme, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous you could put together your own email invite. The slight disadvantage with this one is you need to have everyone’s email addresses, and then you need to load them into a suitable tool in order to send them out. Considering this option is – again – completely free, it might not be the worst thing to do a bit of legwork to get everyone’s email addresses. You could use a MailChimp free plan as your platform for sending your invites. MailChimp offers templates as part of their tool, so all you need to do is play around with fonts, images, and wording and you can create an invite in less than an hour! A great idea for more technically-savvy couples, and it’s much harder to lose an email than it is to lose a paper invite.


Whatever your theme or budget, DIY wedding invitations can be a great way to get creative and add a personal touch that’ll make them that bit more special.

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